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I have experienced many dark things but risen above. Many things have happened in my life, my father passed away when I was 11, and I was severly bullied. Even though these negative things have happened I do speeches about Eating Disoders. I have EDNOS and everyday is a struggle. I hope to help others with things because I'm an understanding person who has been there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. <3
"Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are
presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is
extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it
is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,
ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief."
― Frantz Fanon (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)


He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)

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imagine if girls used the same style of joke to degrade men like “cool story bro now go chop some lumber”


"what r u doing out of the garage go fix my car"

"Don’t you have something to fix somewhere."

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Gettin' Over It Playlist
2014 Philly Overnight Walk to Prevent Suicide


The Out of the Darkness Overnight is a fundraising walk of 16-18 miles throughout the night, designed to raise funds and make a bold statement to bring the issue of suicide out into the light. The Overnight is organized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide.

I am walking with Taylor (and anyone else who may want to join us- just let me know) this year at the Philly Out of Darkness Overnight Walk.

Each walker is required to raise a minimum of $1,000. I have until June to do this. Every little bit helps!!

  • EVERY $10 – AFSP distributes one Depression and Bipolar Awareness educational program (DVD).
  • EVERY $100: AFSP educates a mental health professional or primary care physician about the warning signs of suicide. Each of them in turn, will reach and inform hundreds - maybe thousands – of people.
  • EVERY $500: trains a new Survivor of Suicide support group facilitator. Each new facilitator will bring group members together with other survivors. Together, they will see that they are not alone.

Please visit my page and donate if you can!! It’s for a great cause and something that is also personally very important to me! 

There is also a badge on my sidebar to donate. Even if you can’t donate, spread this around… like I said, every little bit counts!

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"Each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one."
― Mitch Albom (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)

"At the Bleachers show in Williamsburg in March, Dunham watched from the rafters with Taylor Swift, with whom Antonoff wrote the Golden Globes-nominated song “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Antonoff is a hardcore Swiftie, and he talks about her with the protectiveness and pride of an older brother. “We live in a fascinating time where there’s a weird shift in pop, and certain pop stars aren’t really resonating in the way they were,” he says. “The reason why Taylor stands above everyone else is because she’s a songwriter. She sits in rooms and she writes songs. Most importantly, they sound like her. All the other pop stars, to put it in a really simple way, they’re just not as talented.” Swift’s ability to craft her own material is what sets her apart, he believes. “Other pop stars have to go through, like, a goth phase. You can imagine the marketing meetings behind other pop stars. Whereas the meeting behind Taylor is like, ‘Write a great fucking album,’ which she can."

Jack Antonoff, 

Why Taylor Swift “Stands Above Everyone Else” (x)

(Source: tayswiftdotcom, via longlivethegirlinthedress)

"The best part of a relationship is getting to call the person, or lay down next to them, and tell them all the crazy things that happened to you all day long. In the end that’s what it’s about. It’s not about sex, it’s not about the money they give you, it’s not about how good looking they are, it’s about them listening to you talk for hours and hours and hours, about stupid shit that doesn’t matter."
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